Monitor-Line Infoservices Ltd.

Report Server for Meta Trader 5

Key features

  • Specify your Manager ID, Password and IP address of the server.
  • Options to stop and start the server.
  • Clear log to show what the server utility is doing – great for trouble-shooting.
  • This utility uses – performance-safe pumping mode.
  • Pumping mode ensures the data is available fast and efficiently – without putting much load on the broker server.
  • You can the MySQL data it collects, any way you want for your projects.


This utility builds a regular MySQL DB with following key tables:

  • Account number
  • Current balance
  • Current equity
  • Few other key elements
  • Positions – these are updated frequently as long as the positions are open
  • Deals – these are updated as soon as new deals are made
  • Orders – these are updated as soon as new orders made