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Welcome to Hosted Helpdesk by Monitor-Line!

Setup an instant helpdesk/support center for your site(s) in minutes!

Looking to add a simple free contact form to your site or looking for a feature-rich helpdesk or looking for a live help agent service, this is your one-stop shop!


Completely anonymous - no one needs to share emails/phone numbers with each other if they dont want to.

Users need not waste time creating separate account logins to get support without compromising on information security.

Choose from Free (ads-supported) and Paid (10 Cents per ticket/chat session) option

Ticketing system as well as live agent (live help using chat) functionality - both are available in free and paid options.

Pay for service (SaaS - Software as a Service) model - no software purchase, no installations, no upgrades, no licese fees.

Setup unlimited helpdesks for any number of sites under one single webmaster account.

No chance of spam. No one can see each others emails or mis-use any contact information.

Complete CAPTCHA security to make sure real humans are creating support requests and not any automated bots.

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