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TAF - Tell-a-Friend script installation guide

Current version V1.0

(Note: If you are finding it dificult to install our script, try our paid installation service.)

Follow the steps given below to install the script on your website:

Step 1: Download the ZIP file for the TAF (Tell-a-friend) application and save it on your computer. After saving it, extract the contents to an appropriate folder on your computer.

Step 2: Go to the folder where all the files are extracted. Open 'tafconfig.php' in the text editor of your choice and update all the variables as given in the file. All variables have enough comments around them to explain what they are and what they are used for.

Step 3: Also update the 'tafheader.php' and 'taffooter.php' to reflect the header and footer you want to use on your site whenever your visitors come to this script.

Step 4: Use 'db.sql' to create the database structure for your website in the database you want to use for the application. You will need phpmyAdmin and a MySQL database to do this. You can copy the MySQL query from this file and run directly in the phpmyAdmin if you like.

Step 6: Now upload all the files in the directory you want to install this application in. You need not upload installation guide and 'db.sql' files.

That's it! Just point to the directory where you have uploaded the files and start using the application!

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