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Thank you! for your interest in our script.

PHP Contact Center or Helpdesk Script - PCC


Before you download the application, we encourage you to take a test drive at our current support center site - Create a Demo Helpdesk.
(Note that the demo site is actually a fully functional helpdesk setup. You can create your own helpdesk or support center for your site(s) and use this free demo site as long as you want. It is free at this time and is completely ad supported. You are welcome to continue to use this helpdesk as long as you want.)


PHP Contact Center (PCC) application is written to support mutliple webmasters, multiple sites per webmaster with one installation. CAPTCHA security used to make sure only humans can create new support requests and spamming is not possible. Live chat support is included. Webmasters do not have to expose their email or other sensitive contact information which usually gets misused. Fast and robust MySQL backend database. Completely template driven so that you can alter the look and feel anyway you want. Customizable banner ads space.


Live chat agent (live person) and offline ticketing system: The script comes with built-in live chat support functionality as well as offline ticketing system. One single installation for both.

Quick and easy use: Users need to waste time is creating accounts separately to create help requests. Scripts works on a simple but genius security feature where the data is secured but at the same time, creating support requests is not a hassle. Easy one-click request generation and handling.

Multi-site, multi-webmasters support: You can install the application once on your server and setup helpdesk to support users of your multiple sites. Each site can have a seaparate webmaster supporting the users.

CAPTCHA Security enabled: In order to make sure only humans can enter support requests and auto-mailers or spammers can't flood your support box, added CAPTCHA security feature is added. Every user must enter the security code before they can submit the support request successfully.

Sensitive information is protected: Many times support emails given on the websites are misused and spammed heavily. This leaves the support staff with added overhead of finding the genuine requests among the loads of spam. Using our script, you can hide all this sensitive information and still provide effective support to your genuine users of the site. However, on the other hand, if you wish to provide your email and contact number as added ways to contact you, that can be done too. It works well both ways.

MySQL Database backend: The script uses tried and tested MySQL backend for fast, reliable and high performance operation. MySQL is a robust backend engine for today's high performance web-based applications.

Template-driven: The script is template-driven. It helps you to update the look and feel any way you want. You can easily match it with your site so that the support desk easily merges with the rest of your site. You can also use this to your advantage and add ad banners for added revenue stream or use the available space for any other purpose you find appropriate.


This application needs following things:

  • PHP 4.3.4 or above (We can't guarantee that the application will work with lower versions of PHP since we have not tested it with lower versions. You are welcome to try.)
  • MySQL 4.0.15-standard (Same comments apply as PHP version compatibility above.)
  • FTP access to your website (Standard FTP client is preferred but you can use any method of uploading files to your web server you are comfortable with.)
  • Text editor - Notepad is sufficient but you can choose any standard text editor as long as you know what you are doing.
  • phpMyAdmin or similar database interface - This will be needed to create your database tables. As long as you can create database tables in your MySQL database, it doesn't matter what you use but we prefer you use phpMyAdmin if it is available from your web host.


You can download the application immediately. Click here to get download link immediately.


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