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Thank you! for your interest in our script.

Site Review Script - SRS V1


Before you download the application, we encourage you to visit one of our review sites that is built using our script -


This application is template-driven, Quick and easy user interface, MySQL database backend for speed, Search engine friendliness, Email notifications, admin area, customization banner ad space


Template-driven: The reviews site script application uses specially designed templates. Complete look-and-feel of the site can be altered very quickly by just changing the template it uses. Building new templates is also a snap. You can even buy professional templates and modify easily to use with the script. The script will come with only one template pre-added to the package.

Quick and easy user interface: A special care is taken to make the data submission for the users as quick and painless as possible. The biggest challenge review sites face is that users leave when they find it dificult to enter their comments. This script is built such that the users' convenience is given top preference. This automatically improves the changes of users entering useful review comments making your site rich in content.

MySQL database: The application uses MySQL database as a backend engine. PHP/MySQL is a proven, robust technology that guarantees speed and performance. It also increases data security.

Search engine friendliness: Each and every page is built on the fly with special focus towards search engine optimization. The author has multiple years of online marketing and search engine optimization experience. The same is used in coding this application so taht the pages get picked in the search engines when quickly and easily. This makes sure the site gets organic traffic from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

Admin panel: The site admin can control the site content. The sites submitted to be listed on the review site and also the reviews submitted by users are not displayed on the site until they are approved by the site admin. The admin panel is constantly being improved and more features are being added frequently to give more and more control to the site admin over the site's content.

Email notifications: The users who submit their review comments or sites for listing on the review site, get notified by email whenever their submissions are approved/rejected with appropriate explanation from the site admin.

Customizable banner ad space: Another very distinct feature this application is that you can add your own banners or sell banner advertising inventory to interested advertisers on your site. Since the application uses specially designed templates, it is very easy to modify the template to run special banner ads or exchange programs.


This application needs following things:

  • PHP 4.3.4 or above (We can't guarantee that the application will work with lower versions of PHP since we have not tested it with lower versions. You are welcome to try.)
  • MySQL 4.0.15-standard (Same comments apply as PHP version compatibility above.)
  • FTP access to your website (Standard FTP client is preferred but you can use any method of uploading files to your web server you are comfortable with.)
  • Text editor - Notepad is sufficient but you can choose any standard text editor as long as you know what you are doing.
  • phpMyAdmin or similar database interface - This will be needed to create your database tables. As long as you can create database tables in your MySQL database, it doesn't matter what you use but we prefer you use phpMyAdmin if it is available from your web host.


You can download the application immediately. Click here to get download link immediately.


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