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One-way text link from hundreds of pages of 12 HIGH Alexa PR websites for 3 months

We will sell only few of these link slots in a year. Great deal for SEO + traffic. Simple, honest and effective! Our sites are crawled by search engine spiders every day. You are sure to get a great SEO exposure.

If you purchase this option you will get one Text link on hundreds of HIGH PR website pages FOR 3 MONTHS from the time of setup!

Where will the link be shown?

Your link will be shown on each page of each site in our network of sites. There are currently 12 sites with over 10000 pages combined. You can find the list of our sites at this link -

Our network of sites.

Please also make sure you understand the location where your link will be shown (at the bottom of each page of each site under the heading 'Link Partners').

Note: Anchor text can have up to 40 characters max (no exceptions possible).

    Terms of service:

      1. You can ask for refund at anytime for any reason. No questions will be asked. Refund will be issued on pro-rata basis.
      2. No adult or othewise inappropriate sites please. We will accept only family-friendly, non-gambling, non-casino sites at this time. We reserve rights to accept or deny service for any reason we see fit. In case we reject your text link, we will refund your money completely.
      3. Payments via PayPal only. No other modes of payment possible.
      4. It may take up to 5 working days for the setup to be completed when workload is high.
      5. Some of the sites may be sold or some new sites may get introduced in our network and your link on those may be impacted. We will avoid such changes but sometimes it can happen. Take note of this.

How to buy the links?

You can buy using the following PayPal Buy Now option for $10 for 1 year

You will be able to enter link details immediately after you purchase. We also sell the links at eBay for much discounted prices.

You are also welcome to go to our eBay auctions and place your bid -

Click here for our current eBay auctions if you want to buy the links at discounted prices....

Other top Text Link providers (highly recommended)!

Please choose from the following top text link brokers (most of these are tried by us and proven to be honest and effective).

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