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How To Create A Website?

A veteran webmaster is explaining the process of creating your own website, step-by-step, in simple English, with screenshots, FOR FREE!.


Don't waste your time and money before you read what I have to say. Proper guidance and expert help can save you lot of time and money. I have learnt this the hard way - you don't have to!

My name is Sam and I have created this site to offer free information to those who are new to website building and want to create their own website. I am an experienced webmaster and have successfully created many websites so far. After years of experience in this field, I now know the best ways, the most effective tricks, do's and don'ts of website creation.

Creating a website is not really rocket science but it can get really challenging if you are new and especially for those who are not really computer savvy. Evenif you are computer savvy and have been on the Internet for some time, creating your own website is a little niche in itself. You may learn it eventually but having a little helping hand in the beginning will always help you. There is not only the risk of wasting money but you can face bigger dangers of fraud, spamming and similar risks. Don't expose yourself to that. Take my help. I will tell you exactly what needs to be done, who are the trusted sources and what are things to watch out for.

Who can use my book?

This eBook is written with following group of people in mind:

how to create a website?Those who are new to the world of websites and Internet business.

how to create a website?Those who want to create their own website(s) but don't know how.

how to create a website?Those who don't have the budget to hire a professional.

how to create a website?Those of you who want to start a new online business or bring your existing offline business online.

how to create a website?Those of you who want to start earning over the Internet but don't have a website to begin with and want to create a simple website to get started.

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